I’m writing this to our President, Mr. Donald Trump, and all US citizens who miss the feeling of being Americans….

I’ve been mulling over the swirl of unrest that’s been growing in our country in the last few years. I thought “what makes the U.S. so different now, from when I was young…..more specifically, why are people finding it so hard to get along….we’re all different as always, so what could be the underlying problem…..???”. People rarely agree on much, especially “nowadays” – yet there was a different feeling back then, a feeling of unity that I couldn’t quite put my finger on……Hmmmm….

Then it hit me!  The kids today, and many of the kids of yesterday – today’s current parent generation – NEVER SAID THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE EVERY MORNING AT THE START OF THE SCHOOLDAY – !!!!!

The Pledge was the ONE common thread. In the midst of all the other “threads” that make up all of our vastly different lives, there was one thread that joined us all – the one thing we could “assume” was at the base of everyone’s individuality – without threatening that individuality. The Pledge to our flag, our country, ourselves.

We’ve ALWAYS been different – in so many ways –  different religions, different colors, different family types, different likes and dislikes…..we played and “fought” at recess, we argued when we didn’t agree, we each had our own groups we belonged to, we each had our own differences…..but if it came right down to it, we would (or at least it felt like we would) join hands and present a solid front in the face of an enemy or anyone choosing to harm our beloved United States.  We were Americans. Each day we made that pledge – I believe it was a strong unifying factor.

Mr. President – bring back our Pledge of Allegiance. Update it to mollify those who object to saying “God” – replace the words “one Nation under God” with “one Nation on this Earth”, “one Nation on planet Earth”, or “one nation under the heavens”….indivisible with freedom and justice for all……..

What say you? I think the time is ripe to take another strong step toward uniting America once again – there is no ONE thing that’s in our face daily to remind us of our unity and our strength…….of thing we take most pride in.   The Pledge may have been the glue that held us together through thick and thin, and it may be time to bring it back.

Sincerely hopeful,

Susan G. Edwards Ferreira

Robbinston, Maine, USA, 04671

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